May 23, 2009

EXsub Staff Recruitment

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EXsub needs your help to produce more fansub videos. More staffs = more goodies ^^. There are lots of EXILE projects line up for release. The problem is that we really lack committed staffs.



February 27, 2011

Poll: EXILE Fan Shirt

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Hey fellow EXILE fans! We have been thinking of our fan shirts. Please feel free to vote for the design of our official fan shirt. Also take note that if you have contribution for the design feel free to send me a message at witchblade.eaxis@gmail.com

The Designs:

A. straycat’s design

B. nanakopy’s design

August 4, 2010

Welcome to the new EXILE LOVE

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Hi guys 🙂

I’m straycat, the new webmistress of EXILE LOVE. I’ll be updating the blog every now and then with EXILE’s news.

This is the new URL for the blog: http://exile-gen.3alamy.org/exilelove/ Yay for paid wordpress 😛
This one will remain as a backup blog. No updates will be made here~

Yoroshiku =3

EXILE LOVE’s major changes

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Hi! I apologize for all the lack of updates for this blog. I have already mentioned that I am saying goodbye to this fandom. As I say goodbye for this fandom, this blog got someone new to maintain this blog which all started as the place where EXILE’s English speaking fans gather.

Let’s all welcome, straycat, as the new blog mistress of EXILE LOVE.

As I bid goodbye to this blog, I wish everyone goodluck ^^

Your former blog mistress,


July 17, 2010

EXILE Stuff for Sale

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The supposedly buyer for these stuff backed out so I’m putting these back on sale.

General Buying Rules:

1. I ship worldwide through Registered Airmail. Items here don’t include the shipping price. Shipping price varies per item.
2. I only accept PayPal with fees (Use Paypal Fee Calculator to compute the fees (my paypal fee indicator is 3.9% + $.30). I will ship items approximately 2-3 days after I received your payment. However if it will fall on Friday after 5 pm, weekends and holidays, you will wait for the next business day for the items to get shipped.
3. I will only provide pictures of what’s inside the items if you are sure to buy the items.
4. I am not responsible for the damage of the items during shipment but I will pack the items with bubble wraps to avoid damage. Please give me your accurate address so that the items will not be lost.
5. I am also not responsible for custom charges.
. All are negotioble prices if you buy multiple items
7. Free CD for purchases of $50 and above. (Limited offer) XD
8. No reservations for more than a week. I am already annoyed with people asking longer reservations but in the end they will not get the items 😐
8. You can contact me through comments on this post or through my email at witchblade.eaxis@gmail.com

Items under the cut

April 21, 2010

Indefinite Hiatus and Advertisement

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No, it’s not EXILE who’s going to take an indefinite hiatus from this blog but your admin blogger, glacial. Since the start of 2009, my passion for EXILE’s music started to get decreased and I just see them now as one of TV personalities more than musicians. >< Anyway, I still post EXILE related news on the forums (EXILE Fantasy Land and JPM).

It’s sad to say “goodbye” to this blog as this opened the gateway for overseas EXILE fandom. I hope that in some way or another this blog provided information about the group.

I just want to be clear about the information that although I am saying goodbye to this blog, EXsub will still continue. We are very much in need of regular translators who will translate EXILE videos most especially EXILE GENERATION (I have the complete episodes of Seasons 2, 3 and 4) and EXH. You can contact me on my email address for interested translators.


March 26, 2010

Tax evasion & EXILE

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EXILE management denies tax evasion

Popular group EXILE made headlines earlier this week, but not in a positive way. LDH, the management agency run by EXILE leader HIRO, is in trouble with the tax bureau for failing to report hundreds of millions of yen in revenue
Sources say that a tax investigation revealed that LDH failed to report approximately 300 million yen in earnings during the fiscal years of 2008 and 2009. It appears that the case could be treated as tax evasion, in which case there would be additional fines imposed.

LDH has acknowledged that there was a discrepancy in the accounting, but they have already filed a revised tax return. The company insists that the misreporting was unintentional.

LDH was founded in September 2003. The agency currently manages dozens of celebrities, with EXILE being the biggest, as they are one of the highest-selling artists in Japan. According to Oricon, their total sales from singles, albums, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs was close to 13 billion yen in 2009 and more than 19 billion yen in 2008..

Source: Tokyograph

Not a good news for EXILE but at least they claimed that it was unintentional and I bought that..^_^”

February 1, 2010

EXILE, Big winner at 1st Billboard Japan Music Awards

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Billboard has had music ranking charts in Japan for a few years, but it held its 1st Billboard Japan Music Awards in Tokyo on Sunday. The big winner was the group EXILE, who were named Artist of the Year 2009

Like the other artist category awards, the Artist of the Year was determined by internet and mobile phone voting, with the nominees consisting of the artists who topped the Billboard charts last year. The rest of the artist category winners were:

  – Top Pop Artists 2009: EXILE, Kobukuro, AI, Remioromen

The chart-based awards were also presented:

  – Album of the Year 2009: EXILE, “EXILE BALLAD BEST”

Source: Tokyograph

December 31, 2009

EXILE takes home Grand Prix Award on 51st Japan Record Awards

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Last night, December 30, EXILE won the Grand Prix Award / Artist of the Year Award from Japan Record Awards. Japan Record Awards is said to be the Japanese equivalent of Grammy Awards. They won for the song, Someday. Aside from the Grand Prix Award, they won Gold Prize for the same song which was given before the awards ceremony.

EXILE has already 2 Grand Prix Award under their name after they won it last year for Ti Amo.

They finished the show performing Someday with vocal, ATSUSHI’s tearful performance.


Source: Tokyograph

December 30, 2009

EXILE backing up the national soccer team

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EXILE has been chosen to compose a song to cheer on the Japanese Soccer Team, as they head into the FIFA World Cup held next year in South Africa.

Source: daily.co.jp

November 27, 2009

EXILE wins another Best Hit Kayousai

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Congratuations to EXILE !!!

The 2009 Best Hit Kayousai took place in Kobe on Thursday. This year’s Grand Prix winner was the group EXILE, giving them their second consecutive victory and their fourth in total. The best newcomer award was given to Yusuke Kamiji.

Once again, Omedetou!!!

Source: Tokyograph

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